How can i create an Microphone Input in UE4 ? (help please)

Hello people!!

I would like to know if Unreal Engine 4 is supporting microphone inputs and if yes how can i create one ? Im working on a project (game) that voice recognition is important and dont know and i dont have idea from where to start creating it… It is with blueprints or C++ if there is another forum about it please post it it will be a big help for me. Thanko you very much!! :slight_smile: ( btw sorry for my english)

There is a new audio capture plugin coming out in 4.19 that can get you started.

To do something with the audio capture component with a 3rd party plugin, you’d write a source effect to get the raw audio from the mic component and feed it to whatever other lib you are using for voice recognition.

This guy did something that might get you started:

No, don’t follow that thread – it’s going through the voip system. It’s much easier via the new audio capture plugin and capture component.

The link is blank. Does it come native with the preview 4.19 ?

The github link will work if you’ve linked your Epic Games account with your Github account.

Otherwise, yes, you can use the Audio Capture Component in 4.19 Preview–however, it’s designed for driving game parameters off of audio input amplitude values, not for recording. Looking at the github link should provide a model for how one might build the input into their own plugin, as the OP seemed to want.

after we will be able to make voice driven game via the new audio plugin, when it will be available for build? , cuz its only run inside engine only, any plan for that?

If I make a constant sound (like an “Ahhhhhh…”) into the microphone, the audio capture component stops capturing my sound after a second or two and dips down until I stop making a sound and start making a new sound. Is there any way to have it constantly register the sound I’m making over a larger period of time?

This is behavior that is due to your microphone drivers and is common on headset microphones. Sustained vocalizations are misinterpreted as ambient noise and your headset ducks the volume. We have this problem on our Logitech headsets at work.

When this will be up for android and mobiles? , any plans for that?

Is this plugin working in android?

any tutorials on how to access it in the plugin and send the audio to all players in multiplayer?

Iv heard that it currently work only in windows

I’ve been trying to find out how to recover the audio data from my microphone using AudioCaptureComponent.
How would I go about catching the data from **AudioCaptureComponent **in cpp?
Apparently **AddAudioBufferListener **in **SynthComponent **would be what I need but it’s not implemented.
I have a plugin ready to send that data to aws transcribe I’m just completely clueless on how to get that data…

how did you create the plugin to send voice data to aws transcribe. im working on a similar project and since transcribe doesnt have c++ sdk, im stuck. could you help me?