How Can I Create a Unified Camera for Local Co-op

I am creating a fighting game and I would like to make a smash brothers style camera, where all players are contained inside the view and the one camera simply zooma out or in to contain all of the players. I don’t need the smash brothers dynamic where the camera has a limit to how far it can zoom out, I just for now want a unified camera so I don’t have to do split screen for local Co-Op

I have an idea how to do this. Someone mentioned in a semi-related thread that it would basically be getting the player positions and finding the midpoint between them, but I’m rather new to unreal engine and so I don’t know how that would be accomplished in blueprints. Any help would be incredibly appreciated.

I wrote a tutorial about that some time ago. You can find it here:

I hope that is what you are looking for.

Thank you that’s perfext. I’ve literally been looking for weeks. I don’t know how your tutorial didn’t come up. Should have found it right away.