How can I create a treadmill effect?

I have been trying to have a series of tiles move automatically underneath my player. I want it to look as if he is running but he’s not actually moving and the course he is on is actually moving. I had been trying to Event Tick > Set Actor Location > but I am not getting the best results. I would also need to be able to speed up the movement. I was just increasing the amount it moves per tick in the vector but no luck. Maybe I am approaching this wrong? Has anyone ever tried this?

The great Mr Noon had a live stream a few months ago where he made a tank - the material technique he used for the tank treads might help you -

I see where that could work in some cases but I am not sure if that would work in mine. Let me be more clear. It’s an endless runner. You are always going forward, jumping over obstacles, sliding under walls, etc… The course is always changing and each part of the course is a tile. I need to move all the tiles at the same speed. I originally had this setup with the player moving forward and it works fine. However, I’d like to create the illusion that he is moving forward but the characters actual position is not moving. I would need the tiles to move because new tiles are being generated once you pass the current tile.

they also did a endless runner live stream - see tutorial here.

I did an effect that I think you want for the main menu screen of my ZTA game, i used tags to tag the objects i wanted to drag and in a tick of my level blueprint i dragged my objects. I wouldn’t recommend that as the more objects you add, the more translations you will have to do (could get expensive and it doesn’t look great)

Yeah I think doing it the way it works in the stream is a better idea than trying to move all of the other actors instead of the player. It’s definitely possible, just doesn’t seem like a good idea to move 20 odd actors instead of 1.

I know it makes sense to have the player just move. Just didnt know if it would be easier for enemies and such if their positions wouldn’t have to be updated. I am trying to have enemies that fly and shoot and someone had suggested to make the course move and not the player. Then enemies and projectiles wouldn’t be affected by the movement. But it seems harder to move the course so I will just stick with the player moving.