How can I create a storage box that open only when a player has a key in their inventory?

I want to make an event type of treasure chest. The admin hides the treasure chest full of whatever they choose to place in it as a reward. The players must get a key by destroying a mini boss, then find the treasure and open it with the key.

I tried using a “key”(1 piece of fiber in my test) as a resource to “repair”/unlock but I couldn’t figure out how to not allow inventory access when the storage has damage on it. That was just one thought I had to make it work but it failed…ugh. I don’t mind the key being used up when the unlocking happens, in fact that seems better for an event so they can’t save the key for other hidden treasures.

I’m open to other ideas completely as to how to make something like this happen. Destroy creature, gain the “key” to open just one treasure box(filled by admin player). Giving a note with a preset access pin code won’t work or soon everyone would know the code and the mini game can’t be played again.

any ideas or help would be appreciated… please?

How about I reword the question…

How do I access the player’s inventory that is trying to open a storage box? I want to check if required item is in their inventory. Is it remote inventory? Do I cast to a shooterplayer then get inventory?

Repairing an object works like that. So there must be a way.

CastToSHooterCharacter>GetMyInventoryComponent>BPGetItemOfTemplate will allow to check their inventory for a specific item.
You could add that to BPGetMultiUseEntries and remove the access inventory option if they don’t have it.

Thanks!! I will try that. :slight_smile: