How can I create a sticky ball

Hi I have a simple panel I can pick up and move around and a ball that I can let fall to the ground on a button press. I am trying to set it up so that when I release the ball it can stick to the panel for two seconds then fall to the ground. What I am trying to do while it is stuck to the panel is still be able to move the panel around the map with the ball stuck to it. I tried setting up the below BP.


The only problem is the panel spins out of control and heads to the floor when the ball sticks no matter what attach type I use. Then I tried turning off physics for the ball using this BP.

But that seems to turn off physics for the panel also so they both become stuck in mid air and I can’t control the panel at all. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Does anyone know if this is even possible?

On hit event set physics enabled to off?

Or really spike up its linear dampening so it would take a lot of force to move. Like it weights a lot.

That was the second thing I tried and it doesn’t work. It turns off the Physics on the panel and I need it turned on so I can move it.

Thats a good idea and I tried that after I posted this question but because the ball has weight (and it needs to for the game) it doesn’t matter how much I increase the linear dampening the panel still spirals to the floor. A lot slower but I still loose control of it. This does seem to be a tricky problem to resolve.

You can also apply a physics material to it to really cut out bounce and such.

FOR ANYONE ELSE that stumbled onto this.

In your first screenshot, you simply have the Target and Parent backwards.