How can I create a splat map (WM)?

Hey guys, so after I’ve played around a bit with World Machine, I wanted to import it to my UE-terrain.

In tutorials they use the splat map to create the textures of the map, but not a SINGLE video/forum-thread tells one how to create a splat map…

One guy in a tutorial I watched had a splat converter, but I have 0 idea on where to find that (pretty sure it just doesn’t exist in my version), nor the example project for splat maps.

What am I supposed to do right now? I know I could paint the world by myself, but that would take forever, since the map is fairly complex.

How are YOU guys doing it? There must be a trick or simple “how to” on this topic…

In this video you can see how to create one: :slight_smile:

Regarding splat converter - that only exists in version 2.3. If you cannot find it under the ‘Converter’ tab (It should be 3rd button in or so) then I would assume you have a version prior to 2.3