How can I create a grandchild class of APawn

Hello everyone!

I’m quite new in ue4’s C++ and I’m doing a chess game as a learning project. To group common atributes and functions for all the pieces I’ve created a child of APawn called APiece with the following header:

class CHESSIT_API APiece: public APawn

The deal is that I want to make the concrete pieces inherit from APiece so I can override the movement function in each one. I’ve looked for any option to in the “new c++ class” editor window that allows me to inherit from a custom class but I couldn’t find anything. Should I just write it from the scratch something like this:

#pragma once

#include “Piece.h”

class CHESSIT_API AHorse : public APiece

is there another good way to do it or it is not a good habit to create APawns grandchilddren in UE4?

Thanks for reading and for any help you could give me.

If you go to your Content->C++ Classes folder, you can right click any of your classes and choose, “Create C++ derived class from [class name]”.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile: