How can I copy the blueprints and settings of one character to another.

Hi, I’m a completly new user. I have no idea how anything works, but I need to do one specific thing with the program. I want to automatically animate a metahuman to lip sync with text to speech generated audio. I have the audio, I have the metahuman and I have a project from a very talented developer who made it work.

In the project he has two metahumans and it works by feeding him both the audio and a file that’s part of a plugin developed by oculus named OVR. The plugin transforms the audio signal into inputs from 0 to 14 depending on how the mouth should be shaped when pronunciating it.

He grabbed that and programmed it to work with his custom made animations for the metahuman mesh and rig. It’s great, I even like it better than the reallilusion $1200 solution.

The thing is that I don’t know how to copy the blueprints or code or everything from the metahumans in the project to a new metahuman. I just want to use the same project not even a new or mine one but copy paste the code and functionality into my metahuman.

Just in case, I didn’t steal the project he shares it in his patreon and I happily paid the suscription just for that project. The developer is called Fractured Fantasy online. Please don’t link me to any of his videos I watched the full almost 3 hours videos on the development of this project and I still don’t know how to copy all those settings.

While having no idea how this project is setup, it might be as easy as duplicating the character blueprint you have and simply replacing the skeletal mesh parts the metahuman it has with the ones that you made.
Try that and see if it works.

Do I just duplicate the character? Where is the mesh? I’m sorry if these questions are from a complete noob to this, but that’s because I am xd.

That’s the structure of the character I want to copy from. Are the things I just put circle on the mesh? Do I just delete that and copy that part from my metahuman?

Yes just duplicate the character blueprint itself.
Then click on each part of the body, so body face torso etc.
And on the right side details you will see the currently used skeletal mesh for that part.
Click on that and search for yours, or drag and drop your parts onto their respective slots.
Depending on if your character has its own hair components you will need to replace those aswell and clear/remove the hair parts your character does not have. for example a “beard on a female”.
Its alright, everybody has to start somewhere. I would suggest if you are a complete noob to start with something more basic. Maybe check out the learn section! lots of usefull intro’s and tutorials there :slight_smile:

Thank you! I will try that and report on the results. I would go and learn with more basic stuff or follow a tutorial to start me on the basics, but the thing is that, for now, I don’t want to do anything else with UE. I’m not a game dev, I’m not an archviz artist, I’m just a content creator that for most part doesn’t need real-time 3D for anything. This is a big exception in my work and also mostly an experiment that only requires this particular thing from UE. After this, I may be hyped enough to try other things and then I would encourage myself to learn the program proprely, but for now it’s not the case.