How can I copy an asset from the horror engine?

I am trying to make my own horror game and I need some assests from the horror engine to be moved to my main project. How can I do That?

Just right click on the asset and choose ‘migrate…’ Guide the process to the content folder of the other project :slight_smile:

I just tried this and got these errors. Does anyone know how to fix this?
/Game/HorrorEngine/Blueprints/Structures/HorrorEvent/HorrorEventFix does not exist on disk.
/Game/HorrorEngine/Blueprints/Structures/HorrorEvent/HorrorEventsMasterFix does not exist on disk.
/Game/AdvancedHorrorGame/Meshes/Candle does not exist on disk.

Hey there @anonymous_user_98f3c711! Welcome to the community! I think the first step is to verify those files do in fact exist in the location referenced. If they do exist but not there, it could be that the redirectors are broken. A short tutorial on how to fix redirectors! This sometimes happens with plugins. If they are of course there, something else is occuring.

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