How can I control specific objects in scene affected by HDRI skylight?

I’m currently working on a scene in unreal engine 5. It consists of a building with ivy growing on the exterior and in the foreground I have a car. My lighting in the scene primarily consists of a directional light and HDRI light. Everything looks good in the scene with the HDRI light for the exception of my plants and ivy. Here’s my issue- The HDRI drowns out the contrast and detail of the leaves and reflections within the plants. The car especially looks way better with the HDRI because of the reflections so I don’t want to get rid of the HDRI all together. Ideally I’d like to have the HDRI Affect everything in my scene EXCEPT for the plants and ivy. Any ideas?

One other thing I have already tried was to create a separate render layer for my ivy- the issue I’m encountering with this is the ivy meshes are intersecting my geometry so theyre not technically "on top’ of the building and I don’t want to change my ivy layout- also I have tried a Booleans operation for the intersecting geometries but since all the geometry is way too dense, this doesnt work :-/ - in result my alpha does not render properly to composite in post.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: