How can I control spawn rate of Niagra Particles with sequencer for Cinematic

I’m wondering if someone knows of a way to have keyframes in sequencer control the amount of particle emitting from a niagra system. I want to be able ramp the amount up from zero and then back down along the sequencer timeline. When I add the Niagra system to sequencer I see Niagra Component and options under that but nothing related to spawn. I am definitely not a UE4 expert so if the answer is obvious please forgive the ignorance.


Change the spawn rate to be a “Float from curve”… then it will let you animate the spawn rate.
[Edit] Sorry I didn’t realize that you needed to have it connected to the sequencer timeline. I would try to expose a float to a blueprint and control it from there.

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Did you ever get an answer on this? I am trying to use system lifecycle in the sequencer and it turns the particles on and off once but does not turn them back on? Life cycle seems the way but I think there is some setting that doesn’t allow it to turn back on.

Yeah it would be nice if anyone has a solution to this or can explain how to do this. Everyone says to learn blueprint basics but Blueprint basics never really involves working with sequencer or things like this.