How can I control number of faces when importing FBX

First of all, I apologize if this is easily found somewhere, but I have tried searching forums and web for days and all the information I get is about UE tessellation as in materials. I also don’t know if this is a UE problem or a FBX problem, because I have the same exact problem when importing FBX files on Blender.

When I import AutoCAD 3D solids on 3DS MAX, I can choose the amount of face subdivision on curves by setting Curve Steps to 100 and Maximum Surface Deviation for 3D solids to 0.1mm or something like that.

But when I try to import a FBX file with curves on Blender or Unreal I cannot control the amount of faces, they just pick the same number of divisiones as the FBX Viewer shows (see images of different sized models, indicated by the edge lenght of the cube). Also, the divisions do not follow any logic (they do not increase as you increase the object size before exporting to FBX). In the FBX Viewer I can increase a parameter called “tessellations division” (see image), and if I can do that, then it is clear that the FBX file contains the curved properties of the sphere, so there must be some way to refine the curve when importing on Blender or Unreal. Right?

Well… I’m just lost. How can I import an FBX sphere with, for example, 64 subdivisions?

Thanks a lot in advance.