How Can i Control my Jump Distance?

Hi, i’m making a platformer game and i want to adjust the distance of the jump without having to modify my character walking velocity, is there a way? i can change the height of the jump but i can’t find a parameter on CharacterMovement that can control the distance of the jump, thanks! (also, the game is 3D, so i’m not using paper2d)

There’s no parameter for jump distance because it’s driven by physics, if you go faster you will travel a greater distance when jumping. If you that kind of behaviour you will need to code it, something like modifying the magnitude of the velocity when you are jumping and setting it back to what it was before jumping, or something like that.

Is there a way to get the velocity of the jump and reduce it only by the time the character jump? i’m trying to adjust the max walk speed or the Jump Z Velocity but is not what i’m looking for yet

Not sure if this is overkill but I think you need to do some research on custom character movement components.