How can I control 2 characters via the same input i.e. WASD

I want to be able to control 2 characters with the same inputs. If one characters moves forward then the other character should as well, same for right and left. I have followed the setup on [this post][1] and followed this youtube [video][2] down to every last detail and still cannot get it to work. I have two separate controllers and two separate characters. Here’s what my controller looks like:

and here is my inputs this setup follows the youtube video to have one stick move one character and the right stick for the other (right now only my left stick works):

Here is the link to my project on DropBox: [MyProject2][5]

On a side note, are things such as this easier done in C++ or blueprints?

Looks like this is only an issue in 4.8. I got it working perfectly in 4.7.6. How or who can submit a bug report on this?

hey dude, i am stuck with this problem, how do you make 2 characters move with 1 input? thanks

Try this:

  1. Spawn PlayerActor 1
  2. Spawn PlayerActor 2
  3. From GetPlayerController pin, connect it to Posses Target. Connect the Return Value pin from PlayerActor 1 to In Pawn of Posses node.
  4. Then from getPlayerController pin, connect it to a new Posses node and connect it to Target. Connect the Return Value pin from PlayerActor 2 to In Pawn of the second Posses node.

This should work.

will try soon

Here’s what I did and it didn’t work… I still cant move 2 characters with the same input…