How can I constrain a bone's rotation in Control Rig?


I’m trying to replicate a rig I have set up in Cinema 4D, so the character can move dynamically, i.e. so it can appear to clamber over the terrain. This is a robot rig that controls the rotations of separate objects. As such, some of the joints can only rotate on one axis. This works perfectly fine in C4D.

However, I cannot figure out how to replicate this functionality in Control Rig. The ‘Transform Constraint’ node is ostensibly the only thing that should do it. However, no matter what combination of inputs I apply, it flips bones’ positions and rotations stupidly and even then it doesn’t constrain anything.

I have the basic IK setup working with pole vectors (using the ‘Basic FABRIK’ and ‘Aim’ nodes) and target controls to move the feet.

Can anyone help?

PS There is absolutely nothing that I can find online anywhere at all that explains this (and the Control Rig documentation is so out of date it looks very little like it does in v4.24).

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I would also like to know this, kind of essential for hard surface rigging, cheers

If you also install the full-body IK plugin, then use that in your control rig there are angle constraints, I set the angular stiffness to 1 for each axis I don’t want to rotate