How can I connect Unreal with Robot Operating System(ROS)?

I recently started learning ROS and Unreal. Please bear my rookie mistakes and questions. Both are installed on Ubuntu16.04.

I am using this GitHub link to connect ROS with unreal.

  1. For the second step, I went to the repository and made a new folder named Plugin and then created another folder inside Plugin named ROSIntegration. I pasted ROSIntegration.uplugin there. After that I accessed Plugins from the Edit tab and there was no Project section in the plugin window. I created the plugin by clicking New Plugin. I finally got ROSIntegration.uplugin in the directory and unreal detected that as well and I activated it.
  2. Then it says to restart the editor and check that the code for the new plugin is built. My question is how do we check if the code is built? It isn’t mentioned how that should be done.

It feels like that connecting ROS and Unreal isn’t something for beginners but not doing it or leaving is not an option.

If there is another easy way to do this, please tell me.

Thank you.