How can I connect external inputs to use as a controller?

Project Description
I am still very new to Unreal Engine and have a lot to learn but I am trying to create a snowboarding simulation using VR. I am creating a platform that will measure yaw,pitch, and roll (the snowboard) using potentiometers. I want to be able to use the outputs from the board to control the player within the game. As of right now i am starting very basic and using the “rolling ball” blueprint and have created a downhill track that the player will navigate through. I want the player to be able to control the ball via the platform i am creating.

How do I link these external controls to Unreal Engine? I figured i would connect the outputs from the platform into a raspberry pi to convert the analog output to digital output and then connect the pi to my computer via usb. Would unreal automatically recognize this ? How would i get Unreal to recognize this if it doesnt? What is the best approach to this problem?

Thank you guys in advance for any information. Also, sorry if this is posted on the wrong thread.

friend did you solve this problem?