How can I connect a HUD button with an object

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I am creating an product Configurator. I have a button on my HUD which name is “swap” and the purpose of this button is when i click the button on tablet to change the object.

I dont want to press a keyboard button!!!

I cannot find the solution through all the internet, and i am answering if is so difficult to connect a button from your HUD with fuctions.

Thank you very much!

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I usually build a custom event in the pawn bp then call the event in the UMG (HUD) via casting

Hi thank you very much for the answer.

I dont know if we mean the same, but i did it in this way:

i create a dispacher on the button bp

i connected it with the on click button event

and after in the man level i called the on clicked event.

in case that someone else needs this informations.