How can I confirm animation curve imported from fbx?, Do UE4 have tangent value of animation key?

I want to reduce Keyframe of animation. Use different algorithm than provided UE4
I have Keyframe reduce code on Unity. so i want porting it.

Unity have tangent value in Keyframe class. (inslope, outslope)
but, UE4’s animation key value is different than Unity. (FTranslationTrack just have PosKeys and Times.)

I read UE4’s Animation compress code (AnimCompress_RemoveLinearKey), I can’t find tangent anywhere in the code. the code just reduce LinearKey, do not consider tangent value.

so i guess that UE4 do not save tangent value of animation key?

And i want to confirm animation Keyframe and curve on UE4 editor, but i can’t fine the function in UE4 editor.
How can i confirm animation curve on UE4 editor? (Like Animation View in Unity)