How can i clear a timer from within it ?

I want it to loop until a condition is met and then to stop it.

Have you tried clearing it using the timer handle?

Yes but i don’t have access to it inside the timer, inside it i can get only the class’s global variables and i can’t declare FTimerHandle in the head as property because it tells me that he doesn’t recognize that type.

Well, you can set some flag inside of your timer function when you need to break and then check for it outside of it in your tick function, for instance, and clear the handle there.

I’m really trying to avoid using the tick function, because then it breaks the flow…

You should store the FTimerHandle as a member of your class, but without UPROPERTY. The issue with the macro you posted in another thread is that you just created a timer handle locally and forgot about it, meaning you could no longer stop or modify the timer.

Edit: I just in your other thread that you’re using a lambda, I’ll reply there.