How can I clamp the axis input from 'dragging' out of range?

I’m using the axis input in the character blueprint to directly control bones on the player character. Whilst this is working fine, I have an issue where the further you move the mouse/stick in a direction, that point will carry on passed where the mesh of the character can stretch to and beyond to some invisible point. You then have to hold the stick/move the mouse back in the opposite direction for the same amount of time before this invisible movement point comes back to move the bone correctly.

ie. I hold right on the control stick the character’s hand moves right until the arm is stretched, if I continue to hold right for a minute after this point I then have to hold left for a minute until the arm will move left again.

I’m not sure what’s causing it. I can clamp the position of the mesh without problem, and I’ve tried clamping right after the Inputaxis, but this continuous ‘dragging’ movement carries on. Any ideas?

By using clamp? Just put the value in and then clamp between 0 and armLength.

You have to clamp the variable that you are adding the axis value to.

Wow, I feel daft. I was literally putting the clamp in the wrong place. Thank you!