How can I choose release platforms before downloading under ubuntu?

there alrealy has a similar question under windows, How can I choose build platforms before downloading? - Getting Started & Setup - Epic Developer Community Forums , my question is, how can I do the same thing under ubuntu, please?

You cannot really download anything under Linux. You compile the engine from source which includes everything including the templates, examples etc…

As there is no launcher there is not rly an option to do so(And do not even ask about downloading Marketplace content under Linux).

thanks, looks like there are so many improvements that need to do. the UE4 really do not like linux, right?

Well they do like Linux, just the priorities are mostly elsewhere. But the more people do use the UE under Linux the better this should get.

The final point is that the editor is usable, on most distros you only need to do the download once per version. There might even be repositories with precompiled packages which might save on the download size.