How can i check if the "Take High Res Screenshot" node has saved successfully?

So i have a blueprint set up that for each time a button is pressed a screenshot is taken that i then add as a thumbnail image to another widget. Is there a way to check that the take high res screenshot image file has finished saving?
My reason being i find that sometimes if i’m adding the image to another widget that it will generate an error because it cannot find the image being created. I assume this is because the .png file is still being generated and therefore Unreal is unable to load it as it hasn’t been generated yet.
Temporarily i have a workaround by using an “is valid” node followed by a branch where on “true” it adds a 1 second delay before trying to load the texture to another widget. But obviously it would be nicer to check that the file has finished saving and remove this delay as larger or smaller images will obviously take more or less time to save.

Any ideas anyone?



hey @Paul.Knight ,
Did you find a solution for checking if the file has finished saving?