How can I change Vehicle wheel resistance?

Hello, I have been working with the UE4 vehicle template and I need to change the amount friction applied to the vehicle.
I can’t find how to change the wheel resistance.

I want the vehicle to be able to coast for a while after you stop accelerating.

Thanks a lot!

Hey Tan2684-

Here is a video that explains handling and friction specifically for the vehicle template: Vehicles: Handling & Friction | 03 | v4.2 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube. This should help you get the behavior you’re looking for.


I’ve watched that video multiple times before posting this question. The video only talks about friction when turning.

I’m looking for rolling resistance. How long the car can coast before stopping.

I’m working off of the assumption that you are your project is based on the vehicle template. Inside the content browser if you open the Sedan folder that is a physical material named Sedan_PhysMat. There is a section named Vehicles with the option for Tire Friction Scale

I’ve set this number to zero and even tried negative numbers. The car still comes to a stop extremely quickly.

I still need help with this

Hey Tan2684-

It appears that the simplest way to control the coasting effect you’re looking for would be to set it up inside of blueprints. Depending on how you are controlling your acceleration you should be able to set up a timeline that decreases your speed over time. If no input is used to increase speed during this time then you can set the vehicle to come to a stop once the speed is reduced below whatever threshold works for your case.


What would I use to set forward speed? I have the forward speed and am currently just subtracting x every second. But what would I set the returned value as to change the vehicle forward speed?

I’m not sure I understand your question. When you take the current speed and subtract x, you should be able to set that result back into the current speed. Over time this will continually decrease speed and slow down the vehicle.

Hopefully this helps answer your question, otherwise if you could add more detail to explain what effect you’re trying to get.

What do I use to set current speed? I can’t find a function for set forward speed like I’m using to get forward speed.

Never mind, I found a way to do it. I had to get the car to go into neutral when I want it to coast.

Why do you want coasting from vehicle while several experts seem it as a bad practice? While driving at the sloppy way ,coasting is good for saving small amount of fuel but it has another side too. You don’t have proper control over your vehicle, if friction between car wheels and ground surface is less than a certain level during coasting.

Hello I need help please, i m losing my mind with this haha.
I want that effect to simulate like off track gravel.
I’m trying now to program auto braking when hitting that surface but im not sure how to do it. Can someone please help? Every bit of information would be helpfull.
Thank You!