How can I change the video resolution of a Pixel Stream in runtime [UE 4.27]?

Up until UE 4.26, the Pixel Streaming video resolution was determined by the video resolution of the game, and could be changed easily during runtime by using setres or r.SetRes in the console.

However, since 4.27, this doesn’t seem possible anymore. The video resolution is the same as the game resolution at startup, but it’s not possible to change it using the console commands anymore.

I’ve also tried with using PixelStreaming.Capturer.CaptureSize and PixelStreaming.Capturer.UseBackBufferSize, but doesn’t seem to have any impact.

How is it possible to change the video resolution during runtime now?

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Figured this one out myself. You need to run two commands first:

PixelStreaming.Capturer.UseBackBufferSize false

PixelStreaming.WebRTC.DisableResolutionChange false

Then, when you want to update the resolution later, use

PixelStreaming.Capturer.CaptureSize 1920x1080

And, if you also want the render resolution to match, use

render.SetRes 1920x1080

as well.

it working for me
but …
I think
Are there some commands we didn’t find? =.=

Quick note: I wrote render.SetRes for the last command, should of course be r.SetRes (or just setres, which works the same).

Hi, could you share the details how and when to input the commands. I tried to do that according your steps after the application start, and also tried to use ConsoleVariables.ini to make sure the engine use the commands while startup.But all of them have no effects.

Was helpful on 4.27.0…

BUT!!! It’s NOT working on UE4.27.1!

Video encoding resolution is CONSTANT 1280x720 and NOT changing by way described above and by way described in UE PixelStreaming docs…

NEED HELP! We can’t prepare customized resizable webpage!

Any advices?

Hallo, EPIC’s?

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A quick question: did you ever create a bug report for this?

Just in case, I just did one. However, I’m not sure if there is a 4.27.3 in development and if they’re willing to make a fix.

Solution from Warner_V : Worked for me !

Thank you !

Ah crap, I had no idea people were writing on this thread (didn’t get any notifications).

I’m not using the default reference implementation for Pixel Streaming, so the way I did it was basically just sending my own messages to the UE instance, which ran the mentioned console commands one by one. I run the first two on startup, and whenever I’m changing resolution I run the last two (I just run them by using Execute Console Command in blueprints).

Unfortunately none of this works in UE5…