How can i change the player to plane like pubg

hay there iam asking you that is there a way to change the player to plane like pubg i only want it that like in pubg the timer in lobby gets to 0 the player get distroyed and it get changed to plane and i have a working timer and plane whicks with spline so is there a way to do this with blueprint’s or we can do it with c++

Yes, you can do it in Blueprints. All you have to do is have that playercontroller possess the airplane pawn instead of the humanoid pawn when the timer runs out.

can you explain the process or give a link for video plz

Do you know how to use the Possess function?

yes but after using the possess function nothing happens

Does the Pawn/Character have its own Camera component? And what is its Movement Mode?

yes it has its own camara and the pawn is the plane like in pubg

Sorry I lost your thread. Did you get it to work? If not can you post screenshots of your blueprint that switches between character and airplane?

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