How can I change the playable character in my project from a 1st person to a 3d person, whilst keeping all of the previous blueprints built in?

Hi guys. I searched all around the internet and youtube for a fix, but i couldn’t find one. So I m basically working on 1st person project, on a map that’s been imported, because I couldn’t manage to do some interactions myself and i needed to import it. Now, the map came with a 1st person character that is a basic box, and I’ve written all my blueprints and gameplay elements on top of that. Now I want to switch the character to a basic 3rd person character mesh, built- in movement logic and animations and all, but I don’t seem to acompllish it AND, VERY IMPORTANT, keep all my blueprints… Ideas, anyone?

you just need to change the default pawn. are you just changing to a third person for this one level or for the entire game? ill assume for the whole game. theres a few ways to change the default pawn: first is to go to the project settings and look for and click maps and modes in the left panel. then on the right under default modes change the default pawn class to the third person one that you want. alternatively this can also be done from the main viewport window by going to the taskbar near the top and clicking the blueprints button. look for project settings section and there will be a gamemode:edit… select this which opens another menu select pawn then select pawn from class. you can use a similar method for setting for just one level by selecting the world override and setting a different game mode.

another way to set the player pawn in just one level is to drop the character into the scene, select it, then in the details panel set auto posses player to the player controller number (0 for player 1).


Worked like a charm. Thanks a lot, you got me out of a though spot. Sorry if it was a noob question, I m just learning the ropes. Thanks again

we were all learning at some point or rather we are all learning something all the time. glad i could help.

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Works like a charm. Thank you so much~!!!

Years later and this is still helpful. Thank you.