How can i change the pivot point "permanently" through the unreal engine 4 editor .

I can change it temporarily with middle mouse click and alt and it goes back to where it was after i click something else…

I know i need to center the object to location 0,0,0 in my 3d package but i need it for a client who building her all scene inside cinema 4d .

Unless this was added recently, afaik you cannot.

That’s a shame. I was wondering that too.

To further this question a bit, why is it on the example projects the pivots always so far off? It’s like every object had it’s pivot set to the middle of the map.

Cos ue4 doesn’t seem to import the pivot info properly, i’ve had the same issue importing fbx from maya; objects that aren’t at global 0,0,0 import with the pivots moved, even though they’ve been frozen to local 0,0,0 in maya.