How can I change the mode from auto to grid by default? Sprite extract mode

Hello! I’m cutting spritesheet into sprites. I’ve been waiting a long time for Unreal Engine to analyze in automatic mode. I don’t need it! I just want to specify the size 512x288 and that’s it. I can’t figure out how to choose the default mode from Auto to Grid?

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I’m looking for the same thing, can anybody provide an answer to this topic? Another issue is that even after it runs through the whole “auto detect” which 50% of the time never works properly anyways, if you click the picklist to change it to grid mode, it runs the whole auto thing all over again! (I’m using UE5)

Once it finishes the second time, it displays the picklist options to allow you to switch to Grid.

This is definitely a bug.

Hi! I can offer you one interesting life hack! When the sprite is checked automatically, you wait. After that, it is suggested to choose a grid, BUT!

You write the word “Grid” anywhere and copy it.
After that, you go to the UE and the field (where you select auto mode or grid) with the right mouse button and click “Paste”
This allows you to bypass the loss of time a second time.

Why the developers didn’t make it work fine I don’t know

So far, that’s all I can offer

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