How can I change the default WEBSITE language and why does it keep changing?

Sadly this is the only part of all of Unreal on the web that is in English for me… Thus this is the only place I can ask. Last time it was Japanese and It never resolved so I used my phone to access information on the site. This time it is Korean. So far I have reset my browser, deleted all history and cookies and no luck. I try manually adjusting the address bare by swapping /KO/ to /us-EN/ but it reverts back.

It Is not the end of the world if I can’t access the site but it would be nice to resolve and it seems global if I use a different computer. Not sure why it works fine on my phone.

Any thoughts on the matter would be great.

Thank you.

Well I did a refresh of browsers deleting everything again and RESTARTED and it seems fine…but I cannot delete topic due to some sort of other error…so…