How can I change ShooterGame Win determination?

Been looking at shootergame and messing around with gamemode.

Currently I am trying to change the round win determination by score and not timed. But I am not sure what I need to access properly to call the win event. Is the match win status checked by gamestate , player state or gamemode?

You can check out FinishMatch() in Game Mode.

Thanks I have looked at that but that just seems to determine what happens once the match is over and not WHY to end the match. Which it seems that DefaultTimer does.

What is actually checking when to end the match and call the finishmatch function?

The best I can come up with is the defaulttimer function but I am not sure how its being used since nothing seems to be calling it during the operation of the game. I see that it says that it is called periodically but by what?

I know I am missing something in the code somewhere that is the key.