How can I change player camera position from another blueprint?

I have a terminal in my level that I need the player to zoom to it so they can use it, and on exit, move away from the terminal but without any rotation so that I end up with my character (first person) looking straight at the terminal.

I used Set View With Blend which is ok for the first part, but using it for moving away gets the camera back where the character was when they interacted, which could be a horrible angle. Is there a chance I can control the character’s camera position FROM the terminal blueprint and not the character blueprint?

I know Set View is not the player camera, it moves to a camera I have in the terminal’s components. Any ideas?

If you get a reference to the character BP you should be able to move the camera however you like. If you need help creating references check out video #25. The first video also goes over casting, which you can probably use one of the simpler methods to create your reference like an overlap event since the player will have interacted with the terminal at some point.