How can I change my character's movement speed?

I am trying to create a thirdperson survival-horror game in UE4, and when my character wields his weapon to attack, I want him to slow down a bit from the basic running speed set from the MyCharacter’s Defaults. I have no idea how to accomplish this, but I have made a bind for that already. I was just asking for some ideas or help how to create this.,d

Hey zantze,

If you need to access the base walk speed from within the Character blueprint you can access it from the Character Movement component like this:


If you need to access the base walk speed from outside the Character blueprint you can use the following:

Hope this helps!


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Yes, this helped! Thanks :D, you’re awesome

If you wanna make a sprint action look here :slight_smile:

Can I also do it that the max speed is only for forward-moving? Because I got a spaceship and it should slow down, if I press S and not speeding backwards,

I have 4.13.1. This kind of stuff is not there when u try to edit the third person character

Here is how you set it up in 4.13.1

I cant find the node ‘SET Max Walk Speed’,
(im using 4.13.1)
but i cant find it, does anyone know how?

Go to your ThirdPersonCharacter BP.
Go to the “viewport tab”
Look left side.
Find “Character movements”
Click on it.
In the details panel that opens up on the right side of screen there is a entrée box for set max walk speed.

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I’m trying to follow tutorial and requires that “SET Max Walk Speed” node to be found to feed it some conditional branches as seen here

Is there any other way to fetch that elusive node?

EDIT: Nevermind, found out that by just dragging the pin of “Character Movement” into the graph, it will pop up the menu where that much needed node is found if I type in the search “set max walk speed”. Wish the tutorial would have pointed out that before instead of “handwaving” it.

My way works haven’t tried any other ways. )

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hello, i was having the same issue with 4.18.3 . But in fact it was only about “Context Sensitive” to disable.
(sorry for my bad English : i’m French)

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