How can i change game's resolution in blueprints

how can i change game’s resolution in blueprints

You could try something like this:

Can this be unsafe for “unsupported resolution”? Are there any unsupported resolutions these days anyway? I know there are games asking you to confirm that everything works fine.

I don’t think there is currently a way to detect supported resolutions in Blueprint (although my knowledge of this is limited!) so I can only suggest allowing a few commonly supported resolutions (or writing some extra C++ support that exposes them).

r.SetRes 1366x768w will resize and switch to windowed mode. Without the “w” it will change the resolution without switching modes. You can also specify “f” in place of “w” to switch to fullscreen mode.

thank you!

r.SetRes 1366768w
r.SetRes 1366
which is correct?

Using “f” (like 1920x1080f) has no effect; Game window resizes but ALWAYS on window mode. Anybody have any idea why?

You will also now need to set the r.FullScreenMode cvar as well. This sets the kind of fullscreen mode you get when you enter fullscreen mode (windowed, windowed fullscreen or true fullscreen).
CVar docs are:

Defines how we do full screen when requested (e.g. command line option -fullscreen or in ini [SystemSettings] fullscreen=true)

0: normal full screen (renders faster, more control over vsync, less GPU memory, 10bit color if possible)

1: windowed full screen, desktop resolution (quick switch between applications and window mode, full quality)

2: windowed full screen, specified resolution (like 1 but no unintuitive performance cliff, can be blurry, default)

any other number behaves like 0