How can I change color of text on multi-line text-boxes?


For some reason I can’t change the font color, it’s always black. Also I can’t bind the color of text on text-boxes as I do with regular text. (I checked and unchecked the inherited checkbox with no successs.) Can you please tell me how to change the font color of multi-line text boxes? (I dont want the text to be editable by the user so I used that option. I’m using this because I want to display a long text, but I need to change it’s color.)


I would also like to know how this can be done since i need to change the text color to fit the game according to certain situations.

Also the foreground and background color for some reason do not change in run time.

Do you solve this problem?

Ok this is difficult to find due to its name and color displayed. Select your multiline text box. Under styles, your font colour is named as “foreground color” (It doesn’t have the generic “font color” name which makes it difficult to find). Uncheck inherit

and on the color back select and change your colour from there. Hope this helps :slight_smile: