How can I change character encoding ?


I need to show a :hourglass: (hourglass) emoji in a blueprint as a text.
It works for others emoki, like the heart one :heart:.

However, regarding the hourglass, I got this symbole instead :

Do you know please if there is any solution to this ?

Thanks a lot for help !

is the font face you are using OTF or TTF?

Thank you @MindfieldsTech, to be honest I don’t know how can I look wich one I’m using…can you please help me ?

I just know that (please tell me if I’m wrong) that OTF is newer than TTF.

I’ve just copied the emoji from website, I didn’t import any font to UE4 yet.

Oh well there you go. You need to import a font face into unreal and then you can display that emoji in UMG using that font.

check this out:

Thanks for your answer @MindfieldsTech, however I’ve tried with several fonts, and it’s not working :confused:

Are you installing the exact font that the emoji is part of?

Well…the emoji is this one : :hourglass:Unicode Character 'HOURGLASS' (U+231B)
I’ve tried with several font, and under windows this emoji works with this fonts, but not with UE4. :confused:

Ok. The only reason you or I can see the hourglass is because that character is part of a character set inside an installed font. Unreal doesn’t use your computers installed fonts to display text characters. That Hourglass may just be an icon also built into the browser itself which uses a character/font library.

You need to find a font that has that or a similar character, install the font library into unreal. then in the UMG type the correct corresponding character. You cant simply copy and paste from the browser.

For instance. If one font has the hourglass linked to the “H” Key. I fyou installed that font in unreal you would need to type “H” in the UMG to display that character(after changing the font to use to the new font library). If you simply copy and paste into unreal, UE doesn’t know what character/key is linking to that emoji… Does that make sense?

If you download this font:

and install into Unreal you can enter “X” Capital to get the Hourglass.

You’re the best… Thank you a lot @MindfieldsTech for your help !!

No problem! I hope it worked =)

Didn’t tried yet, because the font is not free & I have more important expense for now…and also I will try to find one with same symbole but free before.
But I will let you know if it doesn’t work next months ! :slight_smile:

oh you can def find A FREE FONT, I just used the first i could find as an example LOL awesome good luck!