How can I change camera pivot offset point

In my case I want ot make a VR roller coaster game. but when I rotate the camera it seem like the player fly out of the roller coaster it’s because the pivot point it’s behind in the camera len. so How can I change camera pivot offset point right in camera len.

Look at third person template, in ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint you will see CameraBoom (springArm component), in details under "Camera->target offset change Y direction value. Camera will be fly with offset, for changing camera pivot itself just move CameraBoom.

Is that you were looking for?


You need enable Follow HMD Orientation parameter for fix camera in VR.

This is tutorial

On this channel you can find video and links for VR templates.

I still can not fix this issue. in my case, I put a camera over my plane. the camera pivot point is in the middle of camera but not in front of camera, so when I looked down, the camera will be buried in to the mesh (picture2).
so my question is how can I change the camera rotation pivot point just in front of camera.

I still can not fix the issue, but i made a picture to explan it . can u check following for me?

Make sure the cam is not child of CameraBoom or another springArm component, just drag cam to “Capsule component” then move cam to pivot, this must work properly.
If this not working for VR look on my another answer

Here you will see some node setup for camera offset, you setup similar system with the included “controller pitch input” replaced with Lerp on camera rotation. If you get stuck feel free to help.

It still can’t fix the problem in Oculus VR preview. the reason is the Oculus always automatical control the current camera location and rotation then plus ur set rotation so u never want to set the correct rotation .the bad thing is I can’t disable this automatical control.

This is a basic setup of camera in pawn.

For unlink HMD from player controller you need enable Follow Hmd Orientation

This is result

In my case I want to custom the camera movement path by get oculus rotation. because I tried follow HMD Orientation before and if you put a mesh in front of your camera then turn around camera, u will see the camera’s movement is not just rotation but also have location change.the location change will make my camera move into the airplane mesh while u look down the mesh. I even tried unlink Follow HMD Orientation but it seem like not completed locked the VR device control camera. the camera still can be made a really little rotation and location change.

finally I found this function into the engine"EnablePlayerControllerFollowHmd" it fix the location and rotation change problem but the camera seem like still not be located completed, if try to turn around your VR device u will find u camera is shaking seem like it keep to pull back to current position so it still make my camera keep shaking in the game.