How can I change a widget object's size in its Blueprint?

I’d like to visually show a character’s max HP increasing/decreasing by changing the size of the HP bar in real time. I know it’s possible in Blueprints, but I haven’t found out how to do it while looking for tutorials or nodes in BP. Anyone else solved this problem in their project?

You’d be better off adjusting the render scale of the object, rather than the size of the canvas panel slot itself. Make the item the largest size you will want to display it, and then you can set the render scale in the blueprint graph (1 is normal scale, 0 is smallest, 2 is double size etc)

That won’t work in my case. Render scale moves the bar out in both directions. It needs to move out only in one. Think leveling up HP/Stamina in Dark Souls or God of War.
I found the node anyway. It’s “Slot as Canvas Slot”

How do you get your node wires so clean and straight without reroute nodes?

It’s a Marketplace plugin: Electronic Nodes in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

Thanks. The messy cords have been annoying.