How can I change a SpriteFlipBook Framerate using Blueprints?

I can use Get Flipbook Framerate but there is not something like Set Flipbook Framerate function.
How can I change the Framerate of a SpriteFlipbook using the Blueprint system?


P.S. I’d like to know this in order to be able to make a Sprite Flipbook’s framerate to go faster when a capsule component is going faster as well, to simulate a 2D speed runner.

The PaperFlipookComponent has a SetPlayRate method you can use.

Sir, thank you a lot!

May I ask you how did you find out about this?
By the name of it, being Framerates, I would have never guessed it, since you get the Frame rates using GetGrameRate :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually read the source code (PaperFlipbook.h and PaperFlipbookComponent.h) and see what is available and how it is used.
Note that FrameRate and PlayRate is something different. FrameRate is the base speed and PlayRate modifies that. So a PlayRate of 2 will lead to playing at twice the speed.

I just saw that :stuck_out_tongue: thank you !
It works!