How can I change a characters jump height in blueprints?

Hey, you can use the character movement component. Here is an example:

Right click in the graph and start typing in Character Movement, grab this node:

Then, drag off that pin and type in set jump Z:

Now you can set your jump height!

Here’s a quick example how to temporarily increase the jump height by pressing the alt key:


Hi everyone! I am very new to UE4 and blueprints and everything in general. I am curious to know how to change my characters jump height. I am using the project sample of a FPS with blueprints. I am currently in the MyCharacter blueprint and I found the InputAction Jump which connects to Jump.

I tried setting a float variable jumpZ which did not work. I feel as I am missing something really simple here, can anyone help me out? Thanks!

Wow, I knew I was doing something wrong. Thanks so much. Works perfect!

The Jump ZVelocity is necessary for changing the character jumping speed, but I think it would be better if you also change the Gravity Scale value, so you could control both, the jumping speed and the falling speed.

this doesn’t work for the client in a multiplayer any ideas why?