How can I change a boolean in an SaveGame Blueprint from a Widget Blueprint?


I’ve watched a tutorial how to create a SaveGame and how to load from it.
Now I saved the resolution you choose in a ComboBox and saved it. Works completely fine, when I restart the game the resolution is set to what you choose before the restart.
Now I want to save whether the checkbox for fullscreen is checked or not. I did exactly the same (I think) right after the Set Resolution variable, but it doesn’t work… here’s an image: link:
If I print out the boolean of the OnCheckStateChanged node with a print string node it’s changing from true to false / false to true but if I print it out directly after the SET IsFullscreen node it’s not changing.

Have anyone an idea?

PS: I’ve made the Blueprint code inside a Widget Blueprint.

You need to use the exec or else that bool never gets applied.

I am confused by the rest of this so ill will go with that…

I’ve connected that node to a print string node before so that should work I think. I also had that all not before and did it like that: and that worked for me too. How would you do it?

nevermind, this WAS the problem… but I don’t understand why it worked before without using that :confused: ok, thank you, helped me a lot! :smiley:

Cool Please Mark as answered…

Also I included a Simple save and read pictures from a game i made awhile ago.

Ok cool, thanks a lot! :smiley: