How can i call android function by ue4

I want to use some functions like Googlemaps. so I have some problems about android in ue4,I have search some informations about it. After that i have the following problems.

  1. how can i deal with the .so and .jar files that my function need
  2. the android studio use gradle structure. so how can i deal with gradle. and i am new to android. i have heard something about ant. what is it?
  3. I have know something about the APL(android plugin language) and something about so i have know two ways about is add something in and add libs under engine directory. the other is use copy by APL to move directory and deal with something only need changes under prohject directory. i just want one way that can make my need in something like Googlemaps work,so please tell me one way that you are more familiar to if you can help me. Thank you very much.

The best way to do this is to use UPL (Unreal Plugin Language) which is the renamed APL you mentioned. It can copy .so and .jar files at the appropriate points, add AAR dependencies, modify the AndroidManifest.xml, and add code to The GearVR_APL.xml is a good example of this.

Ant is the older build system and was required until 4.17. In 4.17 Gradle support was added as experimental and it will be the default in 4.18, with Ant being removed in a later version. UPL can also add build.gradle code which makes supporting libraries intended for Android Studio easier.