How can I call an event in my Level Blueprint from a character blueprint?

I have tried to achieve this using an Event Dispatcher from within my character blueprint but cant figure out how to place the Event that is bound to it in my Level Blueprint properly. I want to activate an event to close some gates in the level blue print whenever the character is possessed.

Here is my current set up within the character blueprint, am I doing something wrong?


In your class blueprint you want to call the event dispatcher.
In your level blueprint you want to bind the event dispatcher.
Then drag the red delegate pin off of the bind to setup your custom event.

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Thanks, do I have to create the Event Dispatcher in both the class and level blueprint? After I’ve set it up in the class I can’t find it in the level.

I have only created it in the class blueprint myself. To find the bind event in the level blueprint you must drag off the blue object/value node NOT the execution pin. I believe context sensitive must be checked

Thanks a lot for your help but I still can’t get this working. I have placed the ‘Call’ event dispatcher in my character blueprint, but when I go to my level blueprint and type the name of the event dispatcher nothing at all shows up (which is strange because I’ve seen a video of it being done this way). The only way I have been able to get Bind Event to show up in the level blueprint at all is by dragging the event dispatcher from the ‘My Blueprint’ section in the character blueprint into the level blueprint, but this way still doesn’t seem to trigger either. Really appreciate your help, thanks.

I am sorry I should have been more clear. If you look in the screenshot you posted here the ‘target’ is not connected to anything. From my experience you MUST have it connected to an actor. For example: I have a missle that spawns into the level. The spawnactorfromclass has an output pin that is blue and returns the object. I click and drag that pin out and then I can type bind and it shows up. I then connect the execution pin.

I believe that you MUST pull this off of the blueprint actor that your ‘call dispatcher’ is in. You can always use the ‘cast to xblueprint’ to get this option.

Alternatively (wasn’t working in 4.2, idk about 4.3 or 4.4 preview) but you can create a variable in your level blueprint and instead of making its type a bool or an int, etc you can select 'object>blueprint class name’s and then ‘get’ that variable and drag off of it to ‘bind dispatcher’

It is nearly midnight here (Korea) and if you can’t figure it out I will get on my computer in the morning and try to make you a quick tutorial. Sorry on phone so I have no screen shots. Hope it helps.

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Hi thanks a lot for that. I have set this up as best as I understand it but still am not getting any results. I’ll post a photo of how I have my character and level blueprint set up to see if you can see where I am going wrong. Thanks again.




Do not connect the target in your class blueprint for the call.
In your level blueprint you must make sure that the bind is a part of a logic string. Like eventbeginplay or a loop or something.

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Oh of course! Thank you very much.

Awesome! So happy I could help. Please give my answer an upvote! Happy blueprinting!

Super, super helpful post! Just wanted to say you guys rock!

Hey guys, I’m super sorry to post this on a thread that has already been answered but I have a very similar problem. I want to move certain objects once a line trace has hit one with a correct tag. The trace works fine from my FPS but the event WONT fire in the level blueprint, why is this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated