How can I Calculate Interp Finish?

I’m trying to create a free look view like arma, this mean that when i press a button my camera can turn around me just to see left/right/up/down. Now i have 3 booleans that tells me if freelook is active:


The PENDING variable have the logical function to tell that the camera rotation is returning to the control rotation

The ACTIVE and PENDING variables are simply to set because when i press the button ACTIVE is true, UNACTIVE is false and PENDING is false, when i release the button ACTIVE is false, UNACTIVE is false, PENDING is TRUE.

So what i miss is to setting the UNACTIVE variable to true, just because i should check when camera rotation match the control rotation.

So the question is: How i can do to check when an interpolation finish?

In the second image the PENDING var is setted by a tick, I’ve forgot it

Equal to Current and Return Value


This question is necro-old XD. Anyway, it’s better to use Nearly Equal in this case.