How can I calculate how much did something rotate?

Hello, I am current having an issue on how to calculate how far something rotated. Im making a skateboarding game and im trying to develop a bailing system based off the yaw of the character. I have 3 variables that I use: FRotator InitJump, FRotator LandRot, and float BailLandingThreshold. What im trying to do is get the difference between the yaw of InitJump and LandRot, and if that threshold exceeds the BailLandingThreshold, it will cause the player to bail.

You can think of keeping a variable which takes the delta value of how much you have rotated per frame. It starts recording the values from InitJump, and it keeps on adding the delta change of rot in actor’s body in its variable till LandRot method is called. You can then use this variable to see how much a actor has been in rotation mode. Hope that helps