How can i build my game for windows 10 store/xbox one

Good afternoon.
Tell me how I can build my game for windows 10 store/xbox one.
Thank you!

Windows 10 desktop and store should be normal deploy targets. (top right corner in the deploy target window) If you want to deploy to Xbox one, you need to the dev kit from microsoft. You can sign up for one through id@xbox program.

But guess what… you don’t need to do that to test your game on xbox one!! If you build a windows 10 game you can deploy it right to your xbox one! I was blown away by this announcement.

Win32 is supported by the Windows Store, so you would just build your game for Windows like normal.
As for Xbox One, you have to get accepted into their developers program and then you can get access from Epic for the Xbox One version of UE4.
As for deploying to a regular Xbox One, that is not supported with UE4 because it requires Windows Universal Platform support, which is something that UE4 is not going to support unless they change some things about UWP and its policies.

Please give any tutorial…
Thank you.

Here’s a tutorial.