How can I Broadcast Editor-Events Manually?

I developed a extended Blutility to automate some things like replacing Materials in C++. But due the reason I´m not Changing Values in the Editor manually, Unreal doesn´t know that I changed Values. Hope my idea makes sense. How can I hook to some Editor Events like: “Map has changed-so please mark for saving” ? (= mark Map with asteriks).

Thanks in advance.

I’m pretty sure the method you’re looking is “MarkPackageDirty”

Nice! It works. Thank you!

When changing the Materials from SaticMeshes through Code, I call MarkPackageDirty() on every changed Mesh and so the Scene is marked as changed.

So Package is called every loaded Object ?

Every uobject that gets stored has a package, which is kinda the master object that gets stored and has a path.
When you mark a package dirty, you tell the editor that something inside that package (be it a private sub object, or anything) changed and the saved version is no longer the lastest one (which in turn gets marked with a *)


Thanks I got it.