How can i Bounce Like this

i created like this

**But i want like this -->. **

Please Give me some suggestion

each time it touches the floor you could add a new impulse to offset the energy being lost.

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But how give me some example

break it down into smaller tasks you can google on your own.

  • detect when the ball hits the floor.

  • apply physics impulse to object.

hmm thanks dude

you can adjust friction and bounciness by using a physical material

sine and cosine on the object’s z translation then clamp the values below zero?

thanks IndieGameCove

thanks King Mango

After I was Implement Above Suggestion in my Bounce Ball

  1. add Impulse based on how many you want to bounce your ball
  2. I have three type of ball so i am add different type of Impulse

Ball Static Mesh

Event Graph

Finally it’s work…
Output is