How can I backup my installation? Want to format my PC!

Hi, I am preparing to format my PC because it is currently very slow and would like to avoid re-downloading the engine if possible because we have very slow and inconsistent internet in my country. Is there a way I can copy X folder into my hard drive and then point the launcher to the folder once I format my PC? Thank you.

Hey christiang69,

When you first downloaded UE4, you downloaded a .msi file that installed the launcher. I would transfer that, and your Unreal Engine files (from C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine, and from C:\Users\UserNameHere\Documents\Unreal Projects), onto an external drive. Then you can format your PC and transfer those files back over from your external drive.



Great, I will try that. Thank you very much.

As a reminder, you’ll have to use the .msi file again after the format to reinstall the launcher.

Glad to help!

If I don’t have the .msi file, can I just redownload it?

Yes, of course. I was just hoping you still had it because I’m sure it’s very annoying trying to download large files on an inconsistent connection.

Fortunately the .msi is only 55MB, the part I don’t want to download is the 3GB that each version of UE4 weights :slight_smile:

Once again, thank you very much for all your help. I am now downloading the installer and will copy the folders you mention to my backup HD.

But unreal launcher does not detect the UE_4.15 folder after restoring the editor folder, is it something with the registry?

But unreal launcher does not detect the UE_4.15 folder even though the editor works correctly

Hey bdogrular,

If you have issues with the Epic Games Launcher or installation, go ahead and visit
We recently changed our process for assisting with Launcher issues.

There you’ll find various troubleshooting issues as well as an Email Us button on the side of the page that you can use to get in touch with one of our support staff.

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just click on install engine > download begin > stop download > move backup to download location > resume download . this working with me

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the staff already gives the best answer above
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