How can I attach trigger volume (or anything really) to the player ?

I am thinking about a functionality where player looks down under his feet in first person view, some stuff appears out of thin air in front of him (in the view).

The idea is to have things that need to appear (3D widgets in particular) to be attached to the player at an offset, and be hidden until certain moment. Since I am pretty sure I need to do tracing from the view to the world anyway (for interactive objects), I am thinking that if I have a trigger volume attached in front of player, close to his feet, I can trigger 3D widget to appear when trace hits the trigger volume at player’s feet and hide it again when trace stops hitting it.

How do I go about implementing such contraption ? Thanks.

Its not that complicated but are you sure you want it this way?
Because when you want the widget to appear when the volumen gets hit with a trace, you have to shoot down?
So why not just trace for the player / his capsule? Or even take a big volume around the player so that you dont need any traces to trigger it.

Start with tracing for the Character and create/hide/etc the 3d widget.

Well, I am guessing I am explaining wrong…


When player looks down on that video, a map comes up and as he looks up from the map, it’s being hidden.

Something similar is what I am after.

The simplest solution to this is to just open the character blueprint, and place a static mesh on the player, and have it set low as to only be seen if you look down.

Lol, ok. I guess I am gonna have to try figuring it out on my own :confused:

UDK had a very handy LOS_Trigger that you could attach to the player…
It generated a custom event whenever the player’s camera / cursor moved over it.
You could easily hide or unhide a map using this, so not sure why it was dropped in UE4.
What now…??? Get player camera rotation, if it matches a specific range show / hide the map…
Or do a line trace from the player’s camera to the ground etc. LOS was definitely easier before :frowning:

How about attaching a plane (quad static mesh) make it not visible and trace to get hit with that surface?

That plane actor probably needs a blueprint that copies player’s angles.

Do I need sockets on player to attach it?